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 Forest Floor - Leaf Collection, Woven and After Tivaevae Series 2017 - 2020

 The Forest Floor - Leaf collection. Lock down 2020 (C19)  enabled me to complete on a long held idea to utilize the beautiful native tree leaf skeletons and fallen leaves from the forest on our land.  Really a collaboration between Mother Nature and myself. She created, I searched, collected, selected and secured. I trust you like the results. Closeup leaf details found at the bottom of the page as a seperate grid page.

 The Woven Series. These woven panels were created with leftover strips from earlier series of works. Weaving, along with Tivaevae, attaching, tearing and mending and recycling all seem to go together.

 The After Tivaevae Series. In visiting Aitutaki Island in the Cook Islands Group over a number of years I have always enjoyed the colourful exuberance expressed in the Tivaevae/ applique practice by the women. Bold stylized flower and vegital patterns are used in creating sets of bed sheets, pillow slips, curtains and covers which are prized as wedding gifts. Tivaevae along with weaving is a big part of the local culture.


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