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 Three new series in 2020

Shuffle & Deal - Flip Tip n Turn - Strips & Stripes

 Shuffle  & Deal - Feb 2020- and the challenge was to produce works 200 mm x  200 mm for a  Muriwai Arts Open Studios group exhibition in the Kumeu Art Centre in March. Could I readjust my sights from working on over one metre square pieces to the very, very small? I decided to just play with my

" leftovers" and see what happened. It was totally engrossing and as usual I found it hard to stop. Shuffle and deal, shuffle and deal from my pack/stack of cut painted paper pieces. It felt like a card game with chance throwing up some winners and some duds.This was how these works came to be.

Flip Tip n TurnMarch 2020 - Covid 19 Lock down  displayed works show below  the 200 x 200 mm.

Still feeling in a playful mood I returned to an early exploration of 3rd and Origami like shapes, again using my leftover paintings and squares. One shape struck me and reminded me of a kids game using folded paper over your fingers where you choose a colour, then a message. What is it called? Friends know the game but not the name.These folded squares give structure to the works and the openings produced within this shape offer the viewer the same surprise of colour or pattern as in the children's finger game. Atmospheric conditions can cause the triangle to open and shut or curl revealing more of the centre.

These works can be hung every which ways, you can play with them, group or single them                                                                   Flip Tip n Turn them to your hearts content.

Strips and Stripes -May 2020 Covid 19 Lockdown  - displayed works below Flip Tip n Turn.

Once again selecting another box of carefully hoarded cut off strips from earlier series and  leftover wooden battens I start to play and engage with the colour and pattern. Holding visions of stormy days at Muriwai (Grey Strips) Bush walks (Green Strips) Ocean (various Blue Strips) and Pohutukawa the New Zealand Xmas tree, (Red Strips)  I eventually arrive at these works-  some parts tethered others not - allowing for movement, a curling/uncurling of some of the strips in changing environmental conditions.- quite fun and very satisfying.



           Most works displayed are for sale and commissions accepted, please contact me here


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