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 ART WEEK  - OPEN STUDIOS 2021  page one

     Lock down L 4 and 3 provided for wonderful no distraction studio time. For 8 weeks I have indulged my play with my leftover

     painted paper and recycled paintings. Working entirely within the given shapes, sizes and colours of my paper collection 

     I have created seven new series. Some are extended from  earlier themes, some have spring boarded off another idea I had

     been working with.  Some are successful and some not but the enjoyment of the process has been wonderful.    


     Some displayed works are still at the development stage or awaiting final mounting or framing post lock down.

     Prices include traditional framing or glass less mounting as indicated.

     3D - Woven Paper Chairs, Cloaks, Tivaevae, Curled and Hinged Paper, Nets and Charts

A variety and mix of the many series can be found on PAGE TWO of OPEN STUDIOS

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